I am challenging myself to post a picture everyday for a year! It will be a fun way to watch the 2nd year of Sawyers life go by. The first year went by too fast.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Day 366: Completed!

This blog is on west coast time and I am on Hawaii time so I wanted to post something quick. I'll add more later :)

ok, here we are! The last post of this blog! I am feeling really sentimental and sad about it, especially looking back at the first few posts, seeing my little guy so little and now he is such a big boy!

I will be posting regularly (most likely not everyday like this blog) on huffordcrew.blogspot.com for updates and pictures of our little family, hope to see you there!

(p.s. lots of hawaii pictures to come on Hufford Crew)

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