I am challenging myself to post a picture everyday for a year! It will be a fun way to watch the 2nd year of Sawyers life go by. The first year went by too fast.

Friday, March 23, 2012

Day 298: Oh No Buddy!

Sawyer has had issues with excema for a while now, boo. It has been looking worse than usual and our normal prescription wasn't working all that well so I made an appointment to get him checked out. We walked away with 2 new ointments and a refill of the one we already have AS WELL as an antibiotic for an ear infection that I had no idea about!! He has been acting totally normal! But he has had a cold on and off for at least a month if not longer so I guess I can't be too surprised. Anyway, I picked up 4 prescriptions for him today as well as one for myself. Thank heavens for insurance! haha

Look how sweet he looks! He plays like he has no ailments!

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