I am challenging myself to post a picture everyday for a year! It will be a fun way to watch the 2nd year of Sawyers life go by. The first year went by too fast.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Day 148: Homemade Playdough

I found a playdough recipe on Pinterest and made some today. Sawyer was interested, but mainly just wanted to hold the red ball and wanted me to hold the blue, purple, and green balls. So we sat at the table for awhile each holding our balls of dough. He really liked that. 


  1. Stumbled across your blog and that is one cute little boy you have there. I'm surprised there was no dough eating. Or throwing. Sadly in my house dough holding would quickly turn into an activity which would inevitably end with my dog sporting red, blue, purple and green clumps for the rest of the day. Dont' think this means I'm not going to try it.

  2. Hey thank you! :) He did try to take a bite, but quickly spit it out-it is super salty (I think there is 3/4 of a cup of salt!). And there was some throwing, but mostly just holding the "ball." Kids are so funny! Hope your little one likes it when you decide to give it a try!!